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Re: banner add


I only joined the list a few days ago, but I spotted this message and
thought I'd de-lurk.

I will happily produce a banner fo you.  <modesty> I have photoshop skills
that get me by </modesty> and I used to be a banner volunteer for GeoCities.

Is there an exisiting logo, or some sort of consensus on the required
content of the banner.  Also, what formats and sizes?  The usual is a 468x60
GIF, typically less than 7k, animation optional - does this sound about

Any exisiting material that I can draw some inspiration from is a real help.
Contact me any of the ways listed at the bottom of this e-mail ('cept
phone - I'm on holiday)...


Chris J.

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From: Nathan Dietsch <ndietsch@mse.com.au>
To: computerbank@linux.org.au <computerbank@linux.org.au>
Date: Wednesday, 30 December 1998 6:14
Subject: banner add

>Hello all,
>I was speaking to my boss last night, and he owns an ISP. He said we are
>welcome to advertise computerbank on the ISP's webpage. Also one of my
>colleagues is a designer and she is designing a banner add. I was just
>wondering if anyone would like the banner. I will post another message
>stating its URL as soon as it is completed.

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