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Re: banner ad

Hi Guys,

We are currently running a logo comp for the computerbank
project. Decision about final logo will be by some sort of
popular vote. Anyone is welcome to submit. I have two submissions
waiting to be added to the pages. I will be updating the pages
later on tonite...they will also be moving..I will pop a
redirection on the existing web page. For now the pages are
moving to


Logo's (actually everything I feel) should be done using
gnu/linux applications such as the GIMP. I have specified this on
the logo contest page (currently at

I am not too sure about the banner add - could be a good
thing...what do others think? Is there a way that this could be
done using the GIMP as the graphic design tool at all? I feel
that we need to have a strong commitment to gnu/linux all the

I will try and finish the updates of the web pages tonight!