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banner ad

It's 31 Dec 98  03:14:48,
We'll return to beckster@warehouse.net and All's
discussion of banner ad

 be> Logo's (actually everything I feel) should be done using
 be> gnu/linux applications such as the GIMP. I have specified this on
 be> the logo contest page (currently at
 be> http://www.melbourne.net/kylie/contest.html).

I've recently installed GIMP.  Quite impressive. :-)  Unfortunately, my
artistic abilities probably won't even come close to exhausting GIMP's
power. ;)

 be> I am not too sure about the banner add - could be a good
 be> thing...what do others think? Is there a way that this could be
 be> done using the GIMP as the graphic design tool at all? I feel
 be> that we need to have a strong commitment to gnu/linux all the
 be> way.

Shouldn't be too hard, as the banners are usually graphics, something
which GIMP is designed to handle. :-)

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