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[1/2] experiences with refurbishing

It's 31 Dec 98  09:17:18,
We'll return to ken@nlc.net.au and All's
discussion of [1/2] experiences with refurbishing

 >I'd tend to agree, and also lump the odd XT in the bottom category
 >(Isn't there a DOSLinux that can run on all x86 processors?).

 ke> Linux requires 386 and above. You could run telnet and serial
 ke> terminals on XTs also but I usually turn them into serial terminals.
 ke> Anyway they are getting to be archeological treasures now. :-)

I thought there was an offshoot (technically not Linux, since it would
obviously have a different kernel, etc) that could run on an XT.
Perhaps I'm mistaken...

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