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Perth Chapter of Computer Bank

Before I begin.... is there anyway of starting up a perth local computer
bank mailing list so that we can begin discussing local issues - ie.
Where/when to meet - Perth specific news, and so on without needing to
clog up PLUG and the computer bank mailing list?

Here's my Perth specific comment:

I'm able to get a hold of several contacts in the Perth area for social
services type organisations that would be able to distribute any
computers we get together...

Just confirming that I have a correct understanding of how the
arrangement would work:

1. We obtain and build computers ready to go with Linux.
2. Put with Computers, some basic instructional material to allow
new-user to get started.
3. Put contact details on instructional material (for more help, contact
4. Give computers to various organisations to distribute to various
persons/families in need.

Is this a correct / legit understanding of the way Computer Bank will
work - or is it in need of discussion / definitioin...  If it is in need
of defining, may I propose the above four steps as a possible way

IMHO this avoids unnecesarry duplication of services, and also puts us
in contact with people who will know better than we who the people are
that need the machines.

Also, by giving a contact telephone number, we avoid problems with
confidentiality/etc.  If they want our extra technical assistance, they
have a number to call... 8-)

I also think we would need to put (in large friendly letters ;-) ) on
the front of the accompanying (photocopied) documentation the following

a. Contact number(s) for local Linux group willing to offer newbie
b. Brief description of what they are getting - ie. Linux computer
(Lin??... what's linux?)

Second page should probably outline in more detail a description of the
kind of resources available to them, and the possibilities that they are
being offered.  These will probably not be evident to a
non-computer-person in the first instance...

that's my $0.02 anyway...