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Re: Perth Chapter of Computer Bank


I am so sorry I somehow got confused and thought you were from
Sydney...there was a Perth Person here all along..

In regards to the way of distribution (in general) - we would
also need to implement some sort of training workshop for users.
Might even need to have some personal home trainers for those
unable to come to a specific locale.

In order that gnu/linux maintains credibility we really need to
ensure that we have a good training /support /documentation

Certainly it would be very useful for us to link in with social
service agencies for referrals to / recruitment of prospective
system recipients. 

In the near future - when we become a non profit organisation we
will have access to making applications for funding from a number
of government programs (eg: I.T, training / work for the dole
type schemes) - both at state and federal levels. We will also be
in a position to receive tax deductible donations from
individuals and companies. There are some funding rounds coming
up in April 99 (applications close March) for the Federal
government's 'networking the nation program'. Perhaps we will be
ready to make an application?