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Required: CBV Inc Gnusletter editor (proposed title)

Hi all, 

CBV has been thinking that it should produce a monthly CBV Gnusletter so
that members and supporters can keep up with:

	- What weve been doing
	- Who we are (People)
	- What we plan for the future
	- Events
	- Donation acknowledgements
 	- Special Projects
	- Success Stories
	- GNU/Linux Information
	- Etc

We'd love someone to volunteer to co-ordinate the production of a monthly

I guess that you would be required to:

	- Edit and Collate articles written by CBV members
	- Research and write articles/features
	- Encourage CBV members to submit articles in time for deadlines
	- Compile an electronic text version of the newsletter
	- Compile a printed version of the newsletter
	- Check articles and information for accuracy
	- Discuss progress and problems with the CBV committee

For the first edition of this CBV Gnusletter we will be encouraging CBV
members to each write an article about some of the things that have
happened during this year. 

That is; Working bees, Filipino Club, ideas that haven't quite got off the
ground yet, in the press, success stories, Networking with Recruit.net
and other groups, Incorporation, Supporters, GNU/Linux information
feature, Meetings, etc.
We'd anticipate this being ready for distribution late Jan / early Feb

If anyone can take on this important non-technical role please let us
know. :)



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