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Applying for free computers from Computerbank

Can someone 'official' help me please?

I sent this message to a friend to be forwarded to people he knew but the
information, adapted from our site, didn't seem to "work". What's the
proper drill? Bruce


Disadvantaged people can get free computers from Computerbank Victoria.

See http://www.computerbank.org.au/victoria/ ... 

Applications for computers and networks 

Computerbank Victoria is now accepting applications from disadvantaged
groups for its free computers. 

Contact: by phone, the message service number (03) 8610 2482, or by email
<Mailto:computerbank@mbox.com.au> or by post to: 

Computerbank Victoria Inc. 
86 Ligar Street
Sunbury, Vic 3429
Include your address details and/or a contact phone number, and the
appropriate forms will be sent to you. 

Computerbank requires all individual applicants to obtain a referral from a
social service or community based agency to support their application.
Service agencies wishing to become service referrers can contact
Computerbank Victoria. 


PS. Didn't we have an online form on our site so service agencies could
apply direct to become service referrers -- once?

ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/