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New CBV contact information

Hi all,

this is an advance notive of the major contact info update that will
appear on the CBV website over the weekend.

First of all: we've moved!

Computerbank is now in permanent premises at:

92 Rosslyn Street
West Melbourne, Vic 3003

This is one door along Rosslyn from King Street, next to the Quick-Fit
tyre place on the corner of King and Rosslyn.

Opening hours are yet to be decided; we're having a committee meeting
tomorrow night, and one of the items on the agenda is working up a
roster for attendance. Everyone is welcome at the meeting - come and let
us know when you can be there (including evenings and weekends, of

We are still using the existing contact methids for the moment; we have
phone connected to Rosslyn Street, but until we have full-time
attendance there, it may not be *real* helpful to ring that number. So:

Phone:	8610 2482 (leave a message)
email:	computerbank@mbox.com.au

For applications for computers, use the above, or contact Bob Mead at

For registering as a volunteer, use the above, or contact Jason Rolston
at jrolston@start.com.au

For any other queries, use the above, post to the general list (this
one), or contact me (trish@thefrasers.org).

We are having a major moving day on Saturday: please turn up in your old
clothes at Trades Hall by 10am to help load the truck, or at Rosslyn
Street by 11am to help unload. We will also be taking some stuff to
Kennards self storage in Capel Street; people who are thinking of being
useful there, go to Rosslyn Street, since Kennards is closer to there
than to Trades Hall.

Any queries about where you'll be most needed on Saturday, please email
the list!

Trish Fraser, Sunbury, Australia
ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/