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Re: Amalgamate our lists?

Hey there Bruce, (and all) 

...I really shouldnt leave my email unchecked for days...

Bruce McCubbery wrote:
> Hi Grant,
> I've been wondering over time why I seem to know only some things from this
> mailing list, but see you also sent your messages today to another
> Computerbank list than the one I'm on. I certainly wouldn't understand
> anything technical but I'd still like to be aware of what is being
> discussed on it -- amongst everything else, I could learn more people's
> names and know of their enthusiasm and activities.

Okay I'll attempt to explain...It's because the main list
consists of many state members (that is people who volunteer at
the various branches across the country) - and it's a place where
general announcements are made. That is meetings, To Do days,
funding announcements, questions about experiences, and so on. 

All state groups then have their own lists for day to day stuff,
things that not everyone needs to know about, ie getting the
phone connected, signing leases and so on. For some states these
lists are membership based - that is - list owners subscribe
people and people wishing to post to the lists have to be
subscribed members. These lists are not archived. I'm not sure
what the other states do - but this is the case in Victoria. We
have a list that's known as the cb-private list. People can
request to be subscribed to the list - and generally we subscribe
the people who have an active role in CBV day to day activities. 

We then have a cbsupport mailing list to which anyone can
subscribe, and to which we subscribe our users to. To amalgamate
this list with the main list would be mean that we might lose
people from it as we anticipate it being high volume over time.
It is a speciality list really. :) New users probably dont want
to be inundated with posts about funding money or posts about
other states meetings. We do announce meeting events on the
cbsupport lists from time to time anyway. :) 

Then we have the cbtechnical list and again this list is a bit of
a speciality list. Much technical talk - and best left to a list
of it's own. This is open to anyone who wants to join. 

If you like - I can sub you to the cb-private list ('m sure I've
asked you this before and you declined) :) and details about
subscribing to the other lists are on the website. 

ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/