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Re: [Computerbank] Linux distribution standardisation

On Thu, 6 Dec 2001, Andrew Rutherford wrote:
> I would disagree a fortiori that it characterises SuSE, which is a very 
> independent piece of engineering whose origins precede RPM. But Debian has 
> the best package management, which should be a decisive factor given that we 
> do the install and can customise usability. It is also appropriate given the 
> charitable nature of our enterprise to use the philosophically purer distro, 
> creating no sleeping customer base for anybody.

I never compared it to SuSE.
I corrected a reference that Mandrake was just another Red Hat clone in
the sense that it was said that it is just a 'prettier' Red Hat.

I think too many people are awed by Debian package management that they
forget to look at other management, configuration and maintainability
issues with it.

While the overall goals of the Debian philosophies are good they are often
incomplete and unfocused, leading to a lot of procrastination and

As for a Red Hat or Mandrake sleeping customer bases, you don't have to
pay for it, and in the future I doubt you will either.


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