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Re: [Computerbank] Stock Control

> It has to be a simple procedure, if its too complicated its just too 
> hard to implement. atm here in sa we are just putting like stuff into 
> cardboard boxes, all the network cards in one box fr instance. because 
> we dont have any kind of premises atm we ahve stuff spread out every 
> where, I have a bunch of monitors in my shed, someone elses shed has a 
> lot of boxes/ cases etc, the bulk of the stuff is at Shaun & Roms. 
> Working on a hardware database (well spreadsheet actually) atm, has a 
> space on it to record where things are stored. We are also talking 
> about dating stuff as it comes in, is that what you guys do? we just 
> dont have the space to hold onto things that dont move, so thinkiing 
> of dumping stuff thats been on the shelf for ages...
> I realise this isnt helping you much, I guess the ideal is that all 
> the hardware is in one spot, with a computer that contains a database 
> so as stuff is brought in/taken out it is entered in, and whoever is 
> looking for a certain part can access that to see if its even 
> available b4 they start going thru boxes & shelves etc.... treat it 
> like a department store, everything has its place & therefore is easy 
> to find.


Mark Clohesy wrote:

>Good afternoon everyone,
>There seems to be a little bit of a confusion at this point about what I want to do. I am not going to be developing a database, I am looking at a way to manage the stock from when we get it in to when we send them out. I want to create a SOP that covers classification of machines for use or disposal, labeling for mointering movements ect I agree a database would be a good idea but unless we decide on how to manage and label the incoming stock we wont be able to enter it in. I know we give machines numbers now but that is after they have been tested and are ready to install the OS on to.
>Questions arising are not so much the tracking of complete units but how to manage components from machines that are striiped for parts..
>Ideas anyone ?
>Mark CLohesy
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