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Re: [Computerbank] Linux distribution standardisation

On Monday 10 December 2001 00:27, Dale Long wrote:

> I jsut want to emphasise that I am not refering to using apt-get on the
> command line. I have no problem with this or using rpm from the command
> line. I am refering to things like dselect, the way the default install
> hangs together and all the other things that Debian say they are
> addressing for 3.0. I guess my issue is that while other haves moved on,
> installing Debian sometimes feels like going back to slackware,
> with too much scope for error on the user's part.
> Dale.

kpackage is a good solution to dealing qwith apt-get - an excellent easy to 
use alternative to dselect:)
much more info in a simpler format for low end users and newbies - and people 
like me whose eyes get tired dealing with dselect menus;)

one thing in debian favour - alien converts rpms etc superbly to debs - then, 
simply kpackage what you want - lovely:))

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