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Re: [Computerbank] Linux distribution standardisation

On Mon, 10 Dec 2001, Dale Long wrote:
> > I'd like to put in a plug for Debian.  As outlined above, it lends
> > itself to customised network installs, and I have found the package
> > installation management tools way ahead of the rpm based distributions,
> > even though some people might be put off by the non GUI installation
> > interface.  As someone else commented, once you have stepped through
> > the install a couple of times, it all starts to make sense.
> The ergonomic issues with it tend to contrast highly with the Debian goals
> for efficiency and practicallity. But this is a minor point when installs
> are mostly automated.

I jsut want to emphasise that I am not refering to using apt-get on the
command line. I have no problem with this or using rpm from the command
line. I am refering to things like dselect, the way the default install
hangs together and all the other things that Debian say they are
addressing for 3.0. I guess my issue is that while other haves moved on,
installing Debian sometimes feels like going back to slackware,
with too much scope for error on the user's part.


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