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Re: [Computerbank] Starting new branches - answers to Bruce's post(s)

Good morning Kylie,

Thank you for your full and exciting response on this.

Can I have your OK to repost your whole posting to us on this matter to the
Australia-wide list please, with it cced to Darrell Burkey of CASE in
Canberra? Can you tell us if Rob Crosthwaite of Snug is still and if
Darrell has joined us on here? I think you yourself are still on 'wide? Don
Cameron and Michael White certainly are.  

Whatever, it'll give everyone an extra heads up.

I'm not to know where some of our lurkers are but three active posters are
in Canberra and others are in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane and they could get
interested in helping or let their friends know about it. As you know, we
were talking about it from over twenty months ago. :)

It'll be good to let them know things are on the move now, particularly for
the bush -- even if only somewhat.

In recent times I've only mentioned Sydney and Brisbane, with their contact
details, but implied other capital cities. No promotion of country branches
since you said not to, that is other than recently on this list, trying to
keep things as kosher as I promised. :)

Regards to all, Bruce (Ascot Vale)

At 19:48 9/12/01 +1100, Kylie Davies wrote:
>Dear Bruce, Tas (Snug), NE-VIc, Gold Coast, Ararat, Frankston and et al, 
>> Who decides these things...a poignant question and one you have raised
across five emails (you've been busy). 
>The National Committee does. 
>The National committee (as it exists now) is in the process of drawing up

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