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Re: [Computerbank] Re: Snug TAS Computerbank link

And back again on this one, too..

Among the good ones to go back to is
http://www.seul.org/archives/computerbank/Sep-2001/msg00077.html -- care to
catch us up on the latest on this for all of us, Rob, while the powers that
be decide if Snug can be the interim (or forever) HQ for Tasmania?

That's if you and your Snug people like the idea of being HQ for all of
Tassie, Rob.

Bruce (in Melbourne)

At 10:43 9/12/01 +1100, Bruce McCubbery wrote:
>We do intend to have a branch in Hobart one day, don't we? While
>we wait for that chance to come up, wouldn't it be helpful for us 
>to get an on-the-ground presence in Snug, very nearby? 

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