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[Computerbank] statement of purpose

On the lines of the CAi statement of purpose there was also this. Please
note - that I suggest we adopt the WA Statement of purpose - please read
below to see why.

> For the record the Computer Angels Constitutional objectives (WA terminology for 
> SOP) are thus:
> 1.promote and encourage Computer Literacy throughout the community; 
> 2.enable technological access to all; 
> 3.organise such functions as deemed necessary to promote the aims of 
> the organisation; 
> 4.form strategic partnerships with Organisations or Associations which 
> have compatible objectives; and 
> 5.undertake promotional and fund-raising activities as required from time to 
> time to achieve these objectives.
> I do believe that with these objectives the group was able to get tax exemption 
> status with ATO (can someone in WA confirm this, and could you please specify 
> what other documentation you were required to submit in order to get this 
> status). ????
> Ok - with all that said and done - I must say I have a preference to remain 
> technologically neutral. :) I also think that they need to be short, one line 
> sentence type objectives, rather then longer type sentences as they read 
> better.  

Please see the archived email from where this is quoted at:



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