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Re: [Computerbank] interesting article from el reg (fwd)

Hi Don

I'm lucky because I've used Linux more than Windows, this helps in
training because I am comfortable in that environment.

To those who don't know the trainees range from nver seen a typewriter(
couldn't understand why the keys were in such a funny order) to
Intellectually disabled adults to IT Diploma Grads and Comp Science Grads.

This is the wide range of people who pass through our training in Vic and
we really have had very few people who have had problems.

I noticed early on that if your desktop is customised then it takes away
some of the barriers, if people are told about the interoperability that
also makes this system seem less daunting and if you point out the wide
range of people who use it and tell recips that it's easy they tend to
start believing it is.

I'm with you Don it's a great article that looks at how we sort of shoot
ourselves in the foot.

Keep up the good work

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