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Re: [Computerbank] a chance for them and us in Ararat VIC?

Hi Kylie and whoever else represents Vic Branch these days,

I'm constantly trying to contact Greg on his home number 5356 9248, which
he previously posted to us all, but although it rings OK it's still on the
blink. It turns out he's with Primus and they're saying they'll get it
fixed by the 12th, we'll find out the story from Greg when he eventually
gets back online. Doesn't Telstra still have to fix all the bush phones

If my idea of him coming down to pick up stuff is a goer with VIC HQ could
you please indicate it on here so, as soon as his phone is fixed, he'll know? 

If the answer is yes, you can see the tight time schedule that's looming.

Ta. Bruce

At 03:08 8/12/01 +1100, Bruce McCubbery wrote:

>About Greg and Ararat.
>Greg is a LUV member, is helping out Sam @ 225, is a new member on here and
>is now also on Australia-wide. He is seriously capable in a Computerbank way.
>Ararat, and a couple of other things, he has his truck and is making the
>offer he is. He told 'wide about the unemployment problems in Ararat and
>some ideas he has for a somewhat computer-led boost to things up there.
>When he gets this message (home phone problems at the moment) and the
>following clarifying comments from Grant, Penni, Kylie and others...

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