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Re: [Computerbank] G'day all from greg

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From: Greg White <glwhite@netconnect.com.au>
To: <computerbank@lists.linux.org.au>
Sent: Friday, December 07, 2001 10:30 AM
Subject: [Computerbank] G'day all
I am back again, but I have a mysterious communications prob.  Line dead (no
voltage) but when I ring from another site, I get a ringing tone, but no
movement on the line meter.  Faults person says line tests ok from his end,
and that it must be my handset (way too smart and technical a fella for me).
Anyway I am logged on from Ararat 45k away from my home at Landsborough.
After I log off, I will not be able to communicate until my line is fixed.
At the speed these fellas move, I might get comms back next week perhaps.  I
only have the one line at home.

As for volunteering,  I have a two ton luton peak equipment moving van.  Its
cheap to run (on gas), but I cannot always afford fuel (on a pension) so if
you need something moved in watertight vehicle, call on me please.

Also I can strip and rebuild box's  from parts (dont do monitors except for
dry solder etc), and I can load O/S and software.  I can teach new users.
And I can help teach volunteers.   But I do not have any sort of network for
locating potential end users for your machines.

So If I can be of service please contact me and I will get back to u when my
phone line is up again.

My phone when working   (03) 53569248  I am located at Landsborough Vic


> Good morning all, I am just new to this list.  Will get back to you and
> volunteer for some work.  But am quite busy for an hour or so.
> Regards,
> Greg White,
> "Bodhi Works"
> Ararat Road,
> Aged 47 pensioner at moment.  Make boxs sit up.  First started with valves
> and ferrite (British LEO, Centuries and  all 360's)
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