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[Computerbank] a chance for them and us in Ararat VIC?

Decision time in Melbourne. 

About Greg and Ararat.

Greg is a LUV member, is helping out Sam @ 225, is a new member on here and
is now also on Australia-wide. He is seriously capable in a Computerbank way.

Despite his current home problems with his phone in Landsborough outside
Ararat, and a couple of other things, he has his truck and is making the
offer he is. He told 'wide about the unemployment problems in Ararat and
some ideas he has for a somewhat computer-led boost to things up there.

When he gets this message (home phone problems at the moment) and the
following clarifying comments from Grant, Penni, Kylie and others to follow
this message, he'll know if he can come down in his truck and backload all
he wants to from what is now put aside for next Saturday's garage sale.
With HQ Victoria's approval, he could (it appears, but he'll have to
definitely say) set up the Ararat Branch of Computerbank in premises
provided by the local council or perhaps one of the many railway buildings
now unused.

I'm talking this way because of the closeness of the garage sale and
because Greg is (probably) uncontactable at home for a few days (Telstra in
the bush).

It appears like a WIN | WIN situation all around though. Locals start to
upskill in the things Computerbank does through their local expert (Greg),
they and other disadvantaged (unemployed, etc.) locals get "some sort of
computer" even if not a pentium. Computerbank VIC looses a heap of what it
calls junk but Ararat is amazed to get for free and establishes its first
bush branch in VIC without any pain. No transport worries and a local
enthusiastic, highly capable Linux expert and tutor/mentor to boot.

It seems simple to me but it hasn't been in the past. Can we do it now?
Over to you guys...

Regards, Bruce

At 21:51 7/12/01 +1100, Greg White wrote:
>----- Original Message -----
>From: Greg White <glwhite@netconnect.com.au>
>To: <computerbank@lists.linux.org.au>
>Sent: Friday, December 07, 2001 10:30 AM
>Subject: [Computerbank] G'day all
>I am back again, but I have a mysterious communications prob.  Line dead (no
>voltage) but when I ring from another site, I get a ringing tone, but no
>movement on the line meter.  Faults person says line tests ok from his end,
>and that it must be my handset (way too smart and technical a fella for me).
>Anyway I am logged on from Ararat 45k away from my home at Landsborough.
>After I log off, I will not be able to communicate until my line is fixed.
>At the speed these fellas move, I might get comms back next week perhaps.  I
>only have the one line at home.
>As for volunteering,  I have a two ton luton peak equipment moving van.  Its
>cheap to run (on gas), but I cannot always afford fuel (on a pension) so if
>you need something moved in watertight vehicle, call on me please.
>Also I can strip and rebuild box's  from parts (dont do monitors except for
>dry solder etc), and I can load O/S and software.  I can teach new users.
>And I can help teach volunteers.   But I do not have any sort of network for
>locating potential end users for your machines.
>So If I can be of service please contact me and I will get back to u when my
>phone line is up again.
>My phone when working   (03) 53569248  I am located at Landsborough Vic
>> Good morning all, I am just new to this list.  Will get back to you and
>> volunteer for some work.  But am quite busy for an hour or so.
>> Regards,
>> Greg White,
>> "Bodhi Works"
>> Ararat Road,
>> Aged 47 pensioner at moment.  Make boxs sit up.  First started with valves
>> and ferrite (British LEO, Centuries and  all 360's)

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