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[Computerbank] Fly in the ointment

Hi all  I one little issue I think needs to be brought up

While I 100% aggree with linux be the standard install on CBA boxes, I
feel someone should advocate for a very few special cases where Windows
is the ONLY option.

Look I had having to standup for Windows and the MS domination of the
world but I know from my own involvment in the Victorian office that for
a few cases we are unable to give machines to very deserving
recipients.  We in Vic have had some aplications for machines from from
carers of the sevearly handicaped because at their relivant schools they
are using interfaces that aide the person to interact with the computer,
these interfaces are also on loan from groups like the Yooralla
Societyfor home use.  After talking to Yooralla and their suppliers of
this equipment, sadly the is not, nor is there likely to be any linux
support/drivers for these devices. But the is windows support/drivers

And so for these VERY FEW cases I think we should explore the option of
gaining some windows licences through either donation or sponsorship.
I'm fully aware that Microsoft more than likely won't come to the party
because of our strong bent for the GNU/open source philosophy, but
surely we can fight a little to help as many ppl with our work as we can

Well it's just my thoughts
John C.
Work for the Dole Co-ordinator
Computerbank Vic

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