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Re: [Computerbank] Fly in the ointment

John I agree with you, I am all for the Linux installs and reckon it is great but when all else fails due to sever limitations on the reciepents part (Ohyscial/Mental Handicap) that requires specialit hardware or software I feel looking at option's for alternate operating systems is not a silly idea.

(Am still getting ready to replace all my damn windows machines with linux ones)

Mark Clohesy

Phone (03) 52699183



--- John Clark <airwolf@babcom.apana.org.au> wrote:
>While I 100% aggree with linux be the standard install on CBA boxes, I
>feel someone should advocate for a very few special cases where Windows
>is the ONLY option.

>And so for these VERY FEW cases I think we should explore the option of
>gaining some windows licences through either donation or sponsorship.
>I'm fully aware that Microsoft more than likely won't come to the party
>because of our strong bent for the GNU/open source philosophy, but
>surely we can fight a little to help as many ppl with our work as we can

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