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[Computerbank] Starting new branches - answers to Bruce's post(s)

Dear Bruce, Tas (Snug), NE-VIc, Gold Coast, Ararat, Frankston and et al, 

> Who decides these things...a poignant question and one you have raised across five emails (you've been busy). 

The National Committee does. 

The National committee (as it exists now) is in the process of drawing
up guidelines for operation of state branches and regional branches.
This covers things like job descriptions, reporting (inclusive of
finacial reporting), transparency, communications, accountability, and
operational standards and procedures (we are looking at standardising
across a whole range of things). This process is not complete - the
extent of committee liability for all branches/nodes means we have to
draw up extremely tight procedures - especially around accountabilty /
transparency and reporting.  
We can not take the added responsibility of adding additonal
Computerbank branches until all of this has been finalised. We can not
afford to have loose canons all over the place doing things in the
Computerbank name - not knowing if it is above board or not - using our
ABN numbers and so on - without proper reporting. This kind of practice
is dangerous (and we only hope that all current State and regional
branches of CAI - operate according to basic oc health and safety
procedures (given constraint on location) to miminimise the likelihood
of volunteers having / causing accidents or doing any long term damage
(remember your lifting!).

To discuss the guidelines of operation/structure, we will be holding a
convention in Victoria the weekend of the 19th/20th January 2002 (if all
goes to plan). Everyone who is interested in being involved in
Computerbank is encouraged to come along. We will be announcing the
finer details soon.

For now, I'd like to hear from the people in Tasmania, Ne-Vic,
Frankston, and the Gold Coast - please give us an update on your request
to be involved with Computerbank, including any progress you may have

If there is still interest for these groups to form - I'd suggest they
start communicating on this list - maybe even start an informal list
about it - so other interested people may join; when they have a
critical mass - they can do something. If they already have a crticial
mass - maybe they can start talking about what they can do when we are
able to officially accommodate them.   :)

I think we can provide web links for the mailing lists - if they get set
up - and we can also provide some info about the person who is leading
the group - who is willing to answer emails (about everything, from
anyone), who is willing to talk to people on the blower, who is willing
to hassle folk for buildings and resources, who is willing to call
meetings and organise working bees, co-ordinate
training/support/peripheral config and pickups of systems, plus whatever
else is required at any one time. (I'm saying it is a BIG JOB!)

About shipping systems out of Melbourne - probably can not do - not
until we get more systems donated (and when i say more donations - I
mean quality - meet our spec donations. We try (as much as is possible
to distribute Pentium class systems with 32mb RAM and at least a 1gig
disk). We cant store a lot of junk - so we try not to collect it. 

The current picture for Melbourne is thus;

Since we started distributing systems (late 2000)- we have delivered a
massive 360 systems to people who wouldn't have them otherwise. We have
also loaned about 35 systems to various groups and individuals. 

In 2001 alone to date - we have distributed 346 systems. Thats a lot of
training delivered too. :)

Many of the systems HAVE been distrbuted to people from the country -
this includes Bendigo (and surrounds), Leongatha, Mirboo North, Mount
Gambier (SA), Woodend, Kyneton, Lancefield, Castlemaine, Echuca, Euroa,
Frankston, Geelong, Mornington Peninsula, and other places too. 

Outstanding applications as at the end of November total 77. 32 are from
Metropolitan Melbourne and 41 are from rural Victoria (most are from

We have an arrangement with Bendigo TAFE (through the student union)
with respect to assisting students unable to travel to Melbourne. BRIT
Tafe provides a bus trip for 8 folk once a month. We had our first trip
in October (late), weren't able to schedule a November trip, but have a
December trip scheduled this week. Our training room (and trainers) can
only accommodate 8 people  - that's how many come on the bus.

Anyway - hope this has provided some enlightenment for all who care
about regional branches. 

For what it is worth, I do want to talk to Ararat - so when they are
back online I'll give a tingle. As to ACT - speak up again - let us know
where you are at - and if you want some info added to our websites. 

Above all Bruce, let people know they should join this list - be vocal
and let us know you are around and interested. 

Cheers all,


Bruce McCubbery wrote:
> And back again on this one, too..
> Among the good ones to go back to is
> http://www.seul.org/archives/computerbank/Sep-2001/msg00077.html -- care to
> catch us up on the latest on this for all of us, Rob, while the powers that
> be decide if Snug can be the interim (or forever) HQ for Tasmania?
> That's if you and your Snug people like the idea of being HQ for all of
> Tassie, Rob.
> Bruce (in Melbourne)
> At 10:43 9/12/01 +1100, Bruce McCubbery wrote:
> >We do intend to have a branch in Hobart one day, don't we? While
> >we wait for that chance to come up, wouldn't it be helpful for us
> >to get an on-the-ground presence in Snug, very nearby?
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