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Re: [Computerbank] Starting new branches - answers to Bruce's post(s)

Hi again Kylie and all,

In advance of your OK for the reposting to Australia-wide (or not) can I
comment and ask about this bit below?

Out of all the people who have got or will get computers from us, how many
are or will be joining us on this list?

Of all the recipients, who might be interested in helping their town or
regional city investigate the idea of a Computerbank something there,
whether or not they are on the Internet yet? Where are they?

Without knowing (and if a couple of Linux experts can be found there) I
believe many recipients will be inclined to help others where they are
living get the same help they did. As I've recently said on here before,
local country groups will use the knowledge they have gained with efforts
in other fields to generate local donations and support. In general, we are
not talking of any of these possible country groups getting any outside
help. That is, they'll dig up the Linux experts they need with our help
about how to go about that, get the premises, arrange the transport and
drivers and, once all the how-tos are available, teach everyone from the
Computerbank manual. By following good old bush nous and practices.
Remember, they have current and retired teachers and other graduates on tap
to help, too.

Greg is a quintessential example of the possibility of the local Linux
expert as you'll find out. And as you've seen he's got a truck, not that
many others in the bush don't have, utes are almost as common as sheep or
cattle dogs out there. And country women's groups are famous for what they
can achieve. Plus they're all pretty good at fixing most things already.
Well, we'll see.

The metropolitan model presumes certain things aren't easily possible or
available, because of our experiences, yet things like premises and
transport are likely to be a doddle "out there". Everyone knows everyone
and many are used to pitching in.

On top of that, the bush knows the help the Web can be, if only people can
get onto it.

I hope Don and Michael comment about all of this.

Regards, Bruce (Ascot Vale, VIC)

PS. Having said all this positive stuff I'm no fool, I know it won't be so
simple, problems we can't know of now will happen. But that's no reason not
to start.

At 19:48 9/12/01 +1100, Kylie Davies wrote:
>Many of the systems HAVE been distrbuted to people from the country -
>this includes Bendigo (and surrounds), Leongatha, Mirboo North, Mount
>Gambier (SA), Woodend, Kyneton, Lancefield, Castlemaine, Echuca, Euroa,
>Frankston, Geelong, Mornington Peninsula, and other places too. 
>Outstanding applications as at the end of November total 77. 32 are from
>Metropolitan Melbourne and 41 are from rural Victoria (most are from
>We have an arrangement with Bendigo TAFE (through the student union)
>with respect to assisting students unable to travel to Melbourne. BRIT
>Tafe provides a bus trip for 8 folk once a month. We had our first trip
>in October (late), weren't able to schedule a November trip, but have a
>December trip scheduled this week. Our training room (and trainers) can
>only accommodate 8 people  - that's how many come on the bus.
>Anyway - hope this has provided some enlightenment for all who care
>about regional branches. 
>For what it is worth, I do want to talk to Ararat - so when they are
>back online I'll give a tingle. As to ACT - speak up again - let us know
>where you are at - and if you want some info added to our websites. 
>Above all Bruce, let people know they should join this list - be vocal
>and let us know you are around and interested. 

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