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Re: [Computerbank] kde vs gnome, rh vs debian

On Mon, 10 Dec 2001, David Hatton wrote:
> It seems to me that it might be worthwhile setting up, as a long term
> mini-project, a group with the aim of assessing the usability of a
> reasonably wide range of linux/BSD distros.  This group could consist of
> computerbank people who are prepared to install one of these distros on
> a spare machine, preferably relatively low-end, and report on their
> experiences and ways that improvements might be made. 
> The aim would be to get people to actually use these machines for
> significant work to get an idea of how easy (or difficult) they are to
> live with. Ideal candidates for this group would be people who have had
> some linux experience but who are interested in *using* a linux/BSD
> system, rather than being heavily involved in setting up/tweaking/system
> admin.  Just a thought.

I agree. I have some machines set aside for this. I have Debian on one and
RH/MDK on the other. One is currently a p120 with 16MB and the other is a
p133 with 32MB. I have a 486 I will do this with as well. They are all in
a state of flux at the momment.

While this may not be relevent, I have Star Office running reasonably well
on a 486DX2/66 24MB with Win95. This might give a perspective on


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