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Re: [Computerbank] kde vs gnome, rh vs debian

Hello Romana,

comments below -

romana wrote:
> David (et al),
> kde vs gnome:
> we are finding MINIMUM 48 mb ram for kde 2...
> 32mb just so slow for users:(

Interesting. I haven't been able to try kde 2.2 (hope to rectify that
soon), but I'm not entirely surprised.  What cpus are you trying with
the 32MB RAM ?

> having said that, i would argue passionately FOR kde as opposed to gnome, due
> to the ease of use for low end users - especially those who have encountered
> windows!

Point taken. You have some soul-mates in the Vic branch on this!

> staroffice 6 beta is looking good - no more annoying greedy desktop - will be
> testing over upcoming months:)

It would be really good if they can shed some of the bloat.

> on the rh vs debian front:
> rh is definitely easier for single installs - and while we are hearing a lot
> about vics easy network debian install, we get various and sometimes
> conflicting information on it - and none of the docs we have been pointed to
> help alleviate that!!

Probably because the docs are pretty well cbv specific - and also
perhaps we (cbv) are so used to the cbv install that we forget the
initial glitches.

I think the key to a single debian install is to use choose the 'simple'
option when asked which package install method is required, as this
bypasses dselect.  Then, as Mark has suggested, its possible to just
install a set of basic packages and then use 'apt-get install' to haul
in specific items of software.  Also, at the risk of telling people to
suck eggs, you can get the 'simple' menu by typing 'tasksel' at the
command line.

> we have setup an nfs server, and we are fuddering around, trying to work out
> a good method for any linux distro - FAI looks good:
> http://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/fai-guide.html/ch-intro.html
> but all the methods suggested seem to be happier with the boxen all being the
> same...

It does help matters significantly.

> i think these issues will all be well debated wed night, 8:30 est, on irc...

It seems to me that it might be worthwhile setting up, as a long term
mini-project, a group with the aim of assessing the usability of a
reasonably wide range of linux/BSD distros.  This group could consist of
computerbank people who are prepared to install one of these distros on
a spare machine, preferably relatively low-end, and report on their
experiences and ways that improvements might be made. 

The aim would be to get people to actually use these machines for
significant work to get an idea of how easy (or difficult) they are to
live with. Ideal candidates for this group would be people who have had
some linux experience but who are interested in *using* a linux/BSD
system, rather than being heavily involved in setting up/tweaking/system
admin.  Just a thought.

> me - i use debian & enlightenment;)))
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Hope this helps

David H.

David T. Hatton
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