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[Computerbank] difficult but let's persist..

Hi Greg and all,

Good to speak to you tonight, thanks for ringing.

It's sorry from me now, my message machine had been on the blink and I'm
also unlikely to be home much at all tomorrow, let's hope you can get
someone @ Computerbank VIC tomorrow, Greg.

I hate it when things like this happen, such a wonderful chance going awry
because of the very technology we're pushing, in part.

Could the Victorian branch's committee please consider some
sharing-of-the-load roster among its members as far as this list, please?
Nothing big deal, just someone who checks in am and pm daily to see if
there's an issue needing official comment that's come up, like this
can-he-or-can't-he? problem of Greg picking up what seems to be otherwise

Regards, Bruce

PS. If the Gregs and Ararats of this world are happy to *regularly take
what VIC HQ sees as junk for its purposes, doesn't that mean we should be
less selective in rejecting donations in the future?

At 15:23 10/12/01 +1100, Greg White wrote:
>Good afternoon.  I am online and up to date with my mail.  In next fifteen
>mins I will have to head home to no comms.
>I will give Bruce McCubbery a call from a pay phone tonight, and will give
>him a call again tomorrow when I collect our mail from the postoffice.  If
>anybody has an urgent message for me, could you please ask Bruce to let me
>know when I call him. Sorry for all the communications problems, my phone
>line may be back on Wednesday, sighhhhhhh

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