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[Computerbank] December updates & news

Hohoho etc!

Welcome to all our new volunteers & members!
(Iain, Robert, Zoe, Marie, Anthony - I think I got everyone!!)

Robert and Zoe also join our (paid) members Romana, Shaun, Jenni, and 

We need to discuss committee structure now that we have so many people 
joining up! Any thoughts anyone? The only current committee position 
officially in place is me as Branch Coordinator  - any volunteers for any 
other positions?

Dale obtained some more p166s (no hdds etc) to add to the inventory - well 
Iain may have some more pentium systems looming - stay posted
Romana is talking to the Education Dept about the possibility of a pile of 8 
port hubs when they upgrade the admin sections in schools -wish me luck!
We have the usual dire shortages - this month we are calling for svga video 
cards, modems, hdds, cdroms.....or whatever you can get!!! ;)

We are desperately looking for cheap premises for storage and workshop - our 
wftd funding depends on it!!

Any fundraising ideas - share with the group!!!

Getting together!
Suggestions have been made for a bbq get together somewhere central - say 
city parklands/bonython pk (playgrounds!) in the new yr, family definitely 
Please indicate interest:)

Installfest 2002-
To be held in January, date and venue tbd 
(or contact us directly for when we are doing stuff - which is frequent!)

For those who want to keep abreast of current Aust wide issues:
I STRONGLY encourage joining this:) 

We really really REALLY welcome any and all input - remember, geek expertise 
not necessary! We need all sorts of skills:))

romana@timelady.com icq no:393293 

Computerbank Australia -  SA branch coordinator 

"Between the idea and the reality, 
Between the motion and the act, 
Falls the Shadow..." 
(TS Eliot) 
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