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[Computerbank] Possible client

Priscilla at our local postoffice was taking messages for me whilst my phone
was out.  She talked to Bruce, and as a result, she has asked for some help.
I do not know your criteria, but the postoffice is very small, and Priscilla
and her husband are not well off financially at all.  At the moment the
postoffice does not have a computer or a fax, and as a result those that are
not so well off in the town, have no way to send a facsimile even.  If it
was possible to place one of your machines in this little postoffice, then
it would be available to the community, to send and receive faxs.  It would
also be a highly visible machine.

I told Priscilla that she would need a scanner, printer and modem, to set it
up for copying and faxing.  And she said that she could possibly meet the
cost of extra equipment that she would need, if computerbank is able to help

I dont sell equipment, and I am not sure which cheap scanners work ok with
linux, but can jump these bridges later if you are able to help at some


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