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Re: [Computerbank] Possible client

I hope you get a swift reply, Greg.

They should be interested in giving special help to someone who is dead
keen to set up a branch up that way as soon as possible. Helping your local
(sub?) post office in Landsborough be much more helpful for the locals
seems a good idea to me.

Meanwhile, because they'll say this, submit an application for Priscilla
from Computerbank's site.

Also go to Australia-wide's archive section and enter RTC and Rural
Transaction Centre separately in it, without knowing for sure, I'd say
Landsborough's a monte for funding for one. Ask Sue in Kalannie WA about it
all, she's arranged it for her town.

Talk about that on 'wide.


>Priscilla at our local postoffice was taking messages for me whilst my phone
>was out.  She talked to Bruce, and as a result, she has asked for some help.
>I do not know your criteria, but the postoffice is very small, and Priscilla
>and her husband are not well off financially at all.  At the moment the
>postoffice does not have a computer or a fax, and as a result those that are
>not so well off in the town, have no way to send a facsimile even.  If it
>was possible to place one of your machines in this little postoffice, then
>it would be available to the community, to send and receive faxs.  It would
>also be a highly visible machine.
>I told Priscilla that she would need a scanner, printer and modem, to set it
>up for copying and faxing.  And she said that she could possibly meet the
>cost of extra equipment that she would need, if computerbank is able to help
>I dont sell equipment, and I am not sure which cheap scanners work ok with
>linux, but can jump these bridges later if you are able to help at some

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