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[Computerbank] Mudgee on the way?

Good to see CB NSW is now looking after Mudgee, what's the latest? 



Bits from http://www.cbnsw.org.au/2001/minutes/oct/30.html
Computerbank NSW    Solving the Digitial Divide one computer at a time.

Computerbank NSW refurbishes computers to give to charities, schools and
disadvantaged individuals.
 Minutes of Meeting 30th Oct 2001  

Present: Ken Caldwell, David McQuire, Mark Willis, Richard Hayes, John Wells.

Apologies: Darren, Hans.

ABN/TFN This task is still not completed. Richard Hayes will assist and is
looking into this. Without ABN/TFN items like PO Box lease cannot occur. 

Primary School, Ryde. Project Leader Richard Hayes
This project has been postponed.

Youth Centre, Newtown. This project is under way, Project Leader Craig
Crown Street Primary, no application forms received. Project Cancelled. 
Mudgee Youth centre, application received. No project leader. 

Craig Warner has become the representative for NSW on the ComputerBank
Australia Committee. 

John Wells from the CIVICOMM, The Centre for Civil Society Communications,
gave a talk on this group. Discussion included hints on improving the
management of ComputerBank NSW Inc and how we as a group can assist in
developing co-operative resources with other groups. 

The Newtown Project is now a starter. A build day on Sat 3rd November and
install hopefully the next weekend. 

Press Release for Granville TAFE College has been released. This has been
picked up by the NSW Government IT Media Unit. 

Richard Hayes will post the meeting minutes to the CB-NSW web site.

Craig Warner to contact Nik Lam about the management of the cb-nsw mailing
list about archive messages and moderating the list.

Membership forms, only one has been received. Please send the forms in

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