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Re: [Computerbank] new branches discussion

At 22:25 19/12/01 +1100, Greg White wrote:
>Bruce, I have discussed it with a few in Ararat, but enthusiasm is hard to
>raise, unless you have something to show.  With these people, I find it best
>to just start a service, and then people just start crawling out of the
>woodwork and getting interested and involved.   Its an old pattern.  You
>start doing something interesting, and next minute people start standing
>around watching, then next thing you know, they start saying "I could do it
>better this way".  And then you have them hooked and its up and running.

So, to start, you need a computer or two??

Can you scrounge them locally?

Kylie? Is that OK, if Greg can do that? Just to get the ball rolling?


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