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Re: [Computerbank] ................ Sydney ALIVE!

At 19:51 23/12/01 +1100, Craige McWhirter wrote:
>Anyone can join our list. It's public and the archives are public. The
>list is for the day-to-day functioning of CBNSW, so if that's of
>interest, join away :)

Hi Craige,

Please pass on my best wishes to all the Sydney crew at this wonderful time
for you all.

For me it's great fun watching what you are up to. I'm just wanting to know
more about your premises as I think a few others not there would, too.
Please give us a burst after your Techie Weekend.

On the matter of being somewhat far from your home, you might be advised to
conduct a local drive for Computerbank simpaticos as well as techos? People
to do everything else that's needed, I know VIC needs more of them, too.

Coming from being majorly techo it's somewhat natural Computerbank honchos
don't see that so many who couldn't even take the cover off a box are dead
keen on the idea and want to help some way. When thinking of recruits,
broaden your focus way out, ask for anyone who wants to help by doing
whatever they can.


That said: Melbourne techies, tune in on the cb-nsw list, there's more
technical discussion than anything -- and I'm (just slightly) concerned
they might be reinventing some of what Melb has done. On the other hand,
they clearly know a lot and might have answers Melb doesn't need to search
for anymore.

(( spoken like a truly technically challenged person ))

Regards to all, Bruce (Ascot Vale ... a bit like Penrith but not so far out)

PS. Any LUNSW members out Penrith way?

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