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Re: [Computerbank] new branches discussion

[I said this below on 19/12 but no one 'official' has joined in, if you
don't these branches won't happen -- and you don't have to wait until all
the decisions are made at that upcoming seminar on this. Most of those
thinking of setting up a local branch won't be at that, how can they be?
What arrangements are you making for them to participate on the day? And,
to talk about it all on whatever day it is to happen, you need to have
talked over a lot of what the people "out there" want beforehand. It's not
just one way "you'll do this or else" stuff surely, instead it is let's
work happily together? It is quite unclear to me how comfortable or even
interested other states than VIC are with extending their operations to
country centres in 2002. Nothing said simply means nothing known in this
case. Bruce]

Hi Kylie and all,

Just encapsulating a week of relative non-activity discussing this

There hasn't been boo said by anyone else on 'wide about this, this time
around (sorry), and there's not much interest on here either it seems. I
think the Australia-wide people might be reacting to me saying it was
coming a few too many times (Boy Who Cried Wolf sorta) before this.

Two I contacted privately who had left 'wide said they'd gone ahead on
their own, didn't need Computerbank..

But Rob's still interested, if only someone on here can help him get his
local experts, and Sydney's got four possibilities but there doesn't seem
to be anyone on here from NSW who knows where they are.

I'm waiting to learn the culture on the NSW list, actually I am thinking it
would be wrong for me to ask about this on there when they pretty plainly
see themselves as NSW-only, and that's OK. 

So there are lots of slippages and Catch 22s happening.

Although Greg will go ahead when he gets a BIG green light, I don't know if
he's discussed it with anyone else in Ararat.

I hope this 'report' of sorts kickstarts some comments and discussion.

Regards, Bruce

PS. I didn't go ahead with the email I was preparing (below), not too much
point really.

At 09:42 12/12/01 +1100, Bruce McCubbery wrote:
>Who's interested in a new branch? Where?
>I was thinking about an email to send to a few personal friends and
>contacts around Australia to let them know we are doing this now. Then I
>thought it'd be good to talk it over on here with everyone first, it's not
>finished but so far I've said..
>Computerbank wants people to start talking about setting up branches
>wherever they live. Please let everyone know. Suggest they join the
>Computerbank mailing list to see the discussion underway on there between
>others interested in the same thing, and to join in that discussion as soon
>as they wish.
>List-Subscribe: <http://lists.linux.org.au/listinfo/computerbank>,
>	<mailto:computerbank-request@lists.linux.org.au?subject=subscribe>
>Tell them to suss Computerbank Australia Inc.
>http://www.computerbank.org.au/ for background.
>They expect to have everything tied up and ready by early Feb 2002 for a
>branch to start anywhere, particularly in the bush, and want to start
>talking to everyone on their list about it now, preparing as much as we can
>for that time. A lot of what will be needed can be done ahead of Feb 2002,
>wherever the groups of people interested in doing it exist. 
>What are they offering? Expertise and help for people who will however do
>much of the work involved. Insurance coverage for all volunteers, answers
>to all questions, training manuals, assistance to find a local Linux expert
>who will help, assistance in local people learning Linux, assistance in
>training the trainers they will need,
>(( what else are we offering? is what I've said so far correct? ))

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