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Re: [Computerbank] new branches discussion

Bruce, I talked with a couple of people in Ararat, and sussed out a few
things.  Would not be a lot of help immediately, because, the Shire, has set
up a Community Internet Cafe (jobs for the old boys), It at the moment
subverts most peoples attention as it is touted as a great charitable thing.
The only problem is that it charges $2 per half hour.  And it doesnt help
underpriveledged people, or give away anything.  Its your usual built on
grants perk for the old boys.  So I figure, that I will just start doing it,
pretty soon attention will be attracted.  As I said to you on the phone, It
is my hope to purchase office floor space in Ararat next year, because I
want to set up a commercial security communications bureau.  So eventually I
would let  Computerbank operate out of my own floor space.   But this is all
future stuff, and I have never been able to tell whats going to happen in
the next instant, let alone next year.

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> [I said this below on 19/12 but no one 'official' has joined in, if you
> don't these branches won't happen -- and you don't have to wait until all
> the decisions are made at that upcoming seminar on this. Most of those
> thinking of setting up a local branch won't be at that, how can they be?
> What arrangements are you making for them to participate on the day? And,
> to talk about it all on whatever day it is to happen, you need to have
> talked over a lot of what the people "out there" want beforehand. It's not
> just one way "you'll do this or else" stuff surely, instead it is let's
> work happily together? It is quite unclear to me how comfortable or even
> interested other states than VIC are with extending their operations to
> country centres in 2002. Nothing said simply means nothing known in this
> case. Bruce]
> Hi Kylie and all,
> Just encapsulating a week of relative non-activity discussing this
> possibility.
> There hasn't been boo said by anyone else on 'wide about this, this time
> around (sorry), and there's not much interest on here either it seems. I
> think the Australia-wide people might be reacting to me saying it was
> coming a few too many times (Boy Who Cried Wolf sorta) before this.
> Two I contacted privately who had left 'wide said they'd gone ahead on
> their own, didn't need Computerbank..
> But Rob's still interested, if only someone on here can help him get his
> local experts, and Sydney's got four possibilities but there doesn't seem
> to be anyone on here from NSW who knows where they are.
> I'm waiting to learn the culture on the NSW list, actually I am thinking
> would be wrong for me to ask about this on there when they pretty plainly
> see themselves as NSW-only, and that's OK.
> So there are lots of slippages and Catch 22s happening.
> Although Greg will go ahead when he gets a BIG green light, I don't know
> he's discussed it with anyone else in Ararat.
> I hope this 'report' of sorts kickstarts some comments and discussion.
> Regards, Bruce
> PS. I didn't go ahead with the email I was preparing (below), not too much
> point really.
> At 09:42 12/12/01 +1100, Bruce McCubbery wrote:
> >Who's interested in a new branch? Where?
> >I was thinking about an email to send to a few personal friends and
> >contacts around Australia to let them know we are doing this now. Then I
> >thought it'd be good to talk it over on here with everyone first, it's
> >finished but so far I've said..
> >
> >---
> >
> >Computerbank wants people to start talking about setting up branches
> >wherever they live. Please let everyone know. Suggest they join the
> >Computerbank mailing list to see the discussion underway on there between
> >others interested in the same thing, and to join in that discussion as
> >as they wish.
> >
> >List-Subscribe: <http://lists.linux.org.au/listinfo/computerbank>,
> > <mailto:computerbank-request@lists.linux.org.au?subject=subscribe>
> >
> >Tell them to suss Computerbank Australia Inc.
> >http://www.computerbank.org.au/ for background.
> >
> >They expect to have everything tied up and ready by early Feb 2002 for a
> >branch to start anywhere, particularly in the bush, and want to start
> >talking to everyone on their list about it now, preparing as much as we
> >for that time. A lot of what will be needed can be done ahead of Feb
> >wherever the groups of people interested in doing it exist.
> >
> >What are they offering? Expertise and help for people who will however do
> >much of the work involved. Insurance coverage for all volunteers, answers
> >to all questions, training manuals, assistance to find a local Linux
> >who will help, assistance in local people learning Linux, assistance in
> >training the trainers they will need,
> >
> >(( what else are we offering? is what I've said so far correct? ))
> >
> >---
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