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[Computerbank] Re: [NOT REALLY 225q] Re: graphics for 225q

On Tue, Dec 25, 2001 at 05:54:02AM +1100, Bruce McCubbery wrote:
> Hey Sam! G'day Allan!    :-D
> This didn't go to the <censored>, I think you meant it to?
> Anyhow Allan, good to 'meet' you, is signwriting really your thing? I'm one
> for people only doing what they love doing in a combined effort, fun
> involvement, like 225. Doesn't come naturally or it's a chore? Forget it.
> No other way it'll work. Gotta involve just love (of all sorts) and play of
> all sorts, in the mind of the one concerned in whatever. You guys get my
> drift........?
> One thing with the needed signwriting and banners ... I'm talking
> tradesmanlike (professional, if you like) ... but with the
> quirkiness/alternative/different/new 225 spirit/feel to it. Translation: a
> signwriter who has done it for a living working with one or two who have
> the 225 feel. Just the right combo..
> Bruce 
> At 17:03 24/12/01 +1100, Sam Watkins wrote:
> >Bruce:
> >> But, on another but related graphics matter, who knows a signwriter?
> >> The sign in the window is not big enough to be read by the passing
> >> traffic and we need a sign inside Computerbank reminding them about us
> >> ... and a sign inside 225 reminding visitors here about Computerbank
> >> at 92 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne.
> >
> >Allan did the sign for 225q (well, just added a "q" and border).  I
> >think Allan is still looking for work - how do you feel about going
> >professional, Allan?  :)
> >
> >> For those who don't know, eight of our computers came from Computerbank
> >> Australia Inc. http://www.computerbank.org.au/ and Grant Diffey its
> >> President has been helping Sam. They know each other through LUV and
> >> Computerbank is a Linux mob, refurbishing donated computers to give to
> >> disadvantaged people. We're simpaticos.
> >
> >Yes, perhaps we should develop a "cross link" relationship on our
> >websites?  That would benfit 225q more than computer bank at the moment!
> >At one point I decided not to acknowledge the source of each donation on
> >the wiki, but perhaps we didn't thank computer bank for this generous
> >gift.  Thanks again, CB!
> >
> >> Actually, there's going to be a combined Computerbank/225 party early in
> >> the new year. Ask Sam.
> >
> >Ask Bruce!  It was YOUR idea, Bruce!  (it was also Bruce's idea to leave
> >the place open all the time, thank-you Bruce you are full of good ideas!)
> >
> >I am hoping this place will become one big continuous party after a
> >while - but sure it would be fun to have a new years party some time
> >early Jan.  Any suggestions when?  Let's get everyone to dress up as a
> >piece of outdated computer hardware!  Ar maybe not.  We might have
> >people trying to log into eachother by mistake.
> >
> >Does computer bank have space to host such a party?  I'd like to have it
> >here - or perhaps we could have a migrating party, visit both places!
> >Grant, what do you think?
> >
> >may your reindeer fly like the wind
> >
> >Sam
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