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Re: an offer

On Mon, 1 Feb 1999, Bob Ogden wrote:

> The gimp is only currently usefull for web graphics. Until it can
> comprehend CMYK colour space it is not going to be able to do print
> graphics. ( RGB and CMYK colour spaces don't fully overlap... there are
> some colours you can't just convert and they're sure to be the ones you're
> wanting to use :). The rough I did was using corel draw in a winos2 VDM
> for which I make no apology, the tools to make pro level graphics do not
> exist in the linux world AFAIK (though I'd be happy to hear different :).
> The other problem with gimp is that it's a bitmap editor, for logos and
> such vector editors (like corel draw) are much better :).
IIRC, the only reason why gimp does not provide CMYK support is that there
are no standards.  Every printing system has their own (proprietary)
variant, for their own printing technology, and they are not compatible.
This has meant that the OSS community has not become involved - if you
want to do hardcopy graphics with the gimp, work in RGB space (which is
universal) and then get whoever is doing the printing to convert to
their flavour of CMYK for you.

Can't argue with the point about vector editing though.... except that
Corel is presently in the process of porting its entire suite of graphics
apps to Linux (there may be a vector editor in there somewhere).