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Re: an offer

In <Pine.LNX.3.96.990201081056.27546A-100000@bell.vmore.org.au>, on
   at 08:19 AM,((EST) GMT)
Peter Eckersley <pde@vmore.org.au> said:
> IIRC, the only reason why gimp does not provide CMYK support is that
> there are no standards.  Every printing system has their own
> (proprietary) variant, for their own printing technology, and they are
> not compatible. This has meant that the OSS community has not become
> involved - if you want to do hardcopy graphics with the gimp, work in
> RGB space (which is universal) and then get whoever is doing the
> printing to convert to their flavour of CMYK for you.

That still leaves the problem of CMYK not fully mapping to RGB. :(. You
are _not_ going to get what you expect from the print shop doing this.

> Can't argue with the point about vector editing though.... except that
> Corel is presently in the process of porting its entire suite of
> graphics apps to Linux (there may be a vector editor in there
> somewhere).

Some synchronicity :). An article on /. talking about corel porting Draw 9
by year end  http://slashdot.org/articles/99/01/31/1541250.shtml
with come links to other vector apps for linux like GNU Yellow Vector
Editor  http://www.maru.cs.ritsumei.ac.jp/ ~sanchan/gyve/
which looks promising :).

This is getting _way_ off topic. I'll stop now :).

> Peter

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