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Fw: More Grants for us

Hi All

Do you think we might require some funding  ?  regards Bill McPherson

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From: jimmy rowe <jrowe@vicnet.net.au>
To: skillsnet-proj@vicnet.net.au <skillsnet-proj@vicnet.net.au>
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Date: Monday, 1 February 1999 12:39
Subject: More Grants

>Two grant schemes that came up over the weekend:
>Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services:
>Business and Community Partnerships Grants
>limited to a total of $1million for the whole of the country. Tough
>criteria, yet some of the projects they mention have been funded don't seem
>to address these criteria.
>And The Victorian Women's Trust invites applications for project funding
>which addresses the needs and concerns of Victorian women. In 1999 the
>Trust continues its interest in receiving proposals which
>-address barriers to women's economic equality
>-improve women's opportunities for participation in public life
>As well, the Trust seeks project proposals from women which
>-foster reconcilliation in Victoria
>-advance the status of young Victorian women
>For information and guidelines please contact:
>The Victorian Women's Trust
>Phone 03 9642 0422
>Fax 03 9642 0016
>closing date Monday 1st March