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Re: Basic requirements for server

>  bi> It's not likely that they would increase the number of terminals and
>  bi> if = they did they could upgrade the server at that time. It would need
>  bi> to be = remotely managed.
> Hmm, we may need an admin team, armed with ssh clients. :-)

Be a little careful with ssh for commercial applications unless you
want to purchase a full commercial licence. I'm no lawyer but your suggested
application sounds outside the scope of free non-commercial use as defined
by the ssh licence.

I'm also a little suspicious about their clause that gives them right to
make use of any modifications or patches that you create when they can use
your patches in their commercial version even though you may be restricted
to their non-commercial licence for your own patches! I for one would not
do any work on their code, and if I did I wouldn't release it.

	- Tel