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Re: Fw: More Grants for us

Bill McPherson wrote:
> Hi All
> Do you think we might require some funding  ?   

Definately :)

There is also a funding round for the federal governments
Networking the Nation Program...applications close March
3rd I think...for info see:


Of particular interest (as this is Federal funding)

> Some of the key criteria include the extent to which projects: 
>         assist the economic and social development of regional, rural and remote
>         Australia; 
>         address clearly identified community needs; 
>         attract support from the communities they are intended to benefit; and 
>         provide ongoing benefits and examples or models for other communities. 

There is another program for which we may qualify, see:


> >For information and guidelines please contact:
> >The Victorian Women's Trust
> >Phone 03 9642 0422
> >Fax 03 9642 0016
> >
> >closing date Monday 1st March
> >

I will ring up and grab a copy of the guidelines ASAP and
bring it to the working bee for further discussion etc -
one point to consider though is that (and I am not too
sure about this either) we may need to be incorporated
before we can apply for funding.