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Basic requirements for server

It's 01 Feb 99  17:32:11,
We'll return to pde@vmore.org.au and All's
discussion of Basic requirements for server

 pd> If the server is a pentium with enough RAM on it, you ought to be able
 pd> to run netscape and/or gui-based mail clients like xfmail very nicely
 pd> for all the clients.  Reliability could be a bit of an issue with
 pd> servers using second hand hard disks, though.

Shouldn't be too big a problem, going by the old disks we have clunking
away in the office. :-)  Besides, with regular backups (get a matched
pair and the dd command is useful :) ), things should run fine. :)

 > Hmm, we may need an admin team, armed with ssh clients. :-)
 pd> Agreed.  I believe we now have somebody (Craig from vicnet, I forget
 pd> the surname) who is working on setting up some standards for the
 pd> machines we install, that will cover things like remote
 pd> maintainability.

Good idea.

 pd> Interestingly enough, I think I've seen a system that has managed to
 pd> encrypt a login using an ordinary telnet client.  I'm just chasing
 pd> that up though....


 > That's a good question.  Dot matrix would be easy to obtain, but laser
 > and inkjet might be a problem.
 pd> There are a reasonable number of old laser printers being thrown out
 pd> these days.  Not enough for every student we help out to get one, but
 pd> certainly enough for community groups with servers and LANs.

Depending on the age, drivers may be an issue (btw, got an old clunker
in the office to give away).

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