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Computerbank Objectives

Dear Everyone,

A nebulous organisation called Computerbank is creating itself in New
South Wales, Victoria and (seemingly) the UK. Would anyone who is
interested in furthering the cause please communicate with Basil Potts
<basil@nlc.net.au> with their thoughts?

To kick off the debate, it seems to me that it would be advantageous to
anybody/everybody for obsolete computers to be dismantled by committed
enthusiasts and "remantled" (with Linux software) for use by ...

... migrants (also known as NESBs) who do not benefit from the services of
TAD (Technical Aid for the Disabled).

At some stage shortly it might be beneficial to call a meeting of tangible
human-type beings, but in the meantime all contributions in the form of
electronic ideas are welcome. We WILL have to think about money,
incorporation, insurance, working bees, donors, recipients, mentors.

Mentors will be required to help recipients use their newly acquired
computers; and may indeed find themselves writing instruction manuals.

Yours hopefully,

Basil Potts