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Re: Basic requirements for server

> > >I've found it- it's called SSLtelnet.  A very quick glance at
> > >licensing issues seems to suggest that it's better than ssh.
> >
> > URL please?
> There's links to it (and other SSL stuff) at:
> http://www.psy.uq.oz.au/~ftp/Crypto
> I haven't had time to closely examine it, so if someone wants to and
> then report back....

i've been installing ssl-telnet on all my machines for a few years now,
mostly as a backup to ssh...i use ssh regularly but it's nice to have
another way of getting in if sshd ever dies.

it works nicely, and is backwards compatible to the old telnet (although
you can optionally make it refuse un-encrypted connections)

it's packaged for debian, look on your nearest mirror in:


i run a debian mirror at debian.vicnet.net.au, accessible via http and


craig sanders