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RE: [PC-Bank] comments regards constitution...

Hi all...

Here's some more updates to our discussion on the constitution.... 8-)

> I prefer Affiliate because it implies the affiliate is a _member_ of the
> organisation (in some form or other) and may fall under the umbrella of
> the constitution/bylaws and so could protect the org in some situations (
> eg affiliate acts in manner that is not in CB's interest could be censured
> for that act but an allied organisation may not be able to be.). Don't
> forget that the qualifications for membership are very broad :)
Woah... back up here a bit... 

I think some confusion is happening between membership of the organisation -
which will be open to anyone - and with our strategic partners - such as
GSI, or Anglicare, or whoever...

As I understand it, the clause (d) that we were discussing (for the
organisational objectives) was intended to describe our intent to work with
other organisations... this is a different objective than those relating to
membership.... 8-)

>  4.0 Qualifications For Membership Of The Organisation. 
>  4.1 Membership of the Organisation is open to any person or
>  organisation that are interested in the aims of Computer Bank provided
>  those members shall agree to abide by the objectives and the rules of
>  the Organisation. 
> So that should allow almost anyone to work with us if they want :). 
This part looks fine to me... 8-)

just my $0.02... ;-)