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RE: [PC-Bank] comments regards constitution...

> 2.1 (d) To  form strategic alliances with any organisation or Association
> where doing so furthers the aims and objectives of ComputerBank WA. 
> Though perhaps affiliation would be better than stategic alliance. What
> say...
Don't mind whether we use "Strategic Alliances" or "Affiliation" - though it
seems to me that Strategic Alliance seems to more accurately describe the

That is, we are working together to fulfill our mutual goals, rather than
"Affiliating"... Affiliating (my understanding) is when you announce some
relationship based on the similarity of you (or your organisation)... for

An Accounting firm may be _affiliated_ with an Australia Wide Accounting
Society/Organisation such as the register of chartered accountants... on the
other hand, that same accounting firm may form a _strategic alliance_ with a
Technology company in order to fulfill complementary parts of a given
contract or opportunity....

This is my understanding of the terms anyway... 8-)

Just my $0.02... ;-)