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Fwd: Re: comments regards constitution...

Posting Patricia's comments - to add to the general discussion 
(Primarily focused on Perth's Constitution but others encouraged to 
contribute )... 8-)

I'm posting this to computerbank also because of it's relevance to whole 
Australia-wide org... 8-)


>Date: Tue, 02 Feb 1999 06:44:25 +1100
>From: Patricia Fraser <trish@thefrasers.org>
>To: David Buddrige <buddrige@q-net.net.au>
>Subject: Re: comments regards constitution...
>We discussed this in Melb on the weekend, and thought about having an
>Associate membership only available to people who qualify for a 
>- no voting rights, half the membership fee. 
>> Another item: Section 4.1 regarding Membership...
>> While I agree that ComputerBank should not (in general) be giving
>> computers to it's own members, I can forsee a potential problem....
>> For example, suppose we provide a computer to Mary, who then gets 
>> computing and learns lots about the machines, and subsequently wants 
>> join us in providing technical support to others who are similarly
>> provided with computers.  Mary may still be in need of computing
>> equipment that we might otherwise want to provide to her, however we
>> would not wish to exclude her on the basis of her ongoing work with
>> computerbank.
>> Maybe this sort of stuff needs to be moved to the bylaws - but with a
>> flexible "out", so that at the discrition of hte computerbank 
>> committee, we can give equipment to computerbnak members - on the
>> proviso that they meet the (financial) requirements that would 
>> be placed to determine eligibility for computerbank equipment...This
>> should get around the problem of us "rich" computer-guys not getting
>> computers off computerbank, but nonetheless providing for our clients 
>> join us if they so desire without excluding them from further 
>> (for example modems or other equipment that might not be given in the
>> first instance).
>> Also, maybe we can give a provision (as a suggestion for discussion),
>> whereby someone who has already received a computerbank pc, can 
>> another (later) in exchange for their old machine --> suppose for
>> example we start giving away 386's, and then later get a rash of 
>> or low-end-pentiums... it'd be a shame to confine someone to a 386
>> because that's what we had at the time...
>> Just my $0.02, anyway.... 8-)
>> cheers
>> David Buddrige.

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