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RE: Online Database

You're a legend!!!! 8-)

Kylie: Do you know if there is a way we can set this up on
computerbank.org.au?  Or maybe some other group/organisation is willing to
host the database?


David Buddrige... 8-)

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> From:	Nathan Dietsch [SMTP:njd@rivuug.webfront.net.au]
> Sent:	Wednesday, February 10, 1999 3:21 PM
> To:	computerbank@linux.org.au; computerbank-dev@rivuug.webfront.net.au
> Subject:	Online Database
> Hello all,
> I have laid the ground work for the Online Database. To cut things short
> we need three things.
> One a server to put the database on, mine is not large enough to handl
> it, plus the disk is going to die anyday soon.
> Two, to write the front end web pages.
> Three to hook the SQL into those Web Pages.
> I have already got a handle on the SQL / Web thing. And have written the
> database backend. Where I need help is with One and Two. Can someone
> with a server who can host Apache, PHP and PostgreSQL please contact me.
> Also anyone with web design skills also contact me if you are interested
> in helping out. To put it plainly my UI skills are not up to scratch and
> would appreciate if some one could help out with the design. Plus my
> GIMP is broken for the time being.
> Regards,
> Nathan Dietsch