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Re: Online Database

On Wed, Feb 10, 1999 at 06:20:33PM +1100, Nathan Dietsch wrote:

> I have laid the ground work for the Online Database. To cut things
> short we need three things.
> One a server to put the database on, mine is not large enough to handl
> it, plus the disk is going to die anyday soon.
> Two, to write the front end web pages.
> Three to hook the SQL into those Web Pages.
> I have already got a handle on the SQL / Web thing. And have written
> the database backend. Where I need help is with One and Two. Can
> someone with a server who can host Apache, PHP and PostgreSQL please
> contact me.

Nathan, i've been meaning to reply to your mail for a few weeks but it
keeps on getting lost in other incoming mail.

i can provide hosting on a server running apache, postgres, php, and

i can also help with the SQL and CGI/php programming.


craig sanders